If you think that the pictures of the late Princess Diana in a bikini (from when she was still alive) being published by tabloids were bad, well, the term “royal scandal” just took a turn for the worse.

Last week, pictures of a very naked Prince Harry were leaked into the Internet, particularly TMZ. An in an apparent move to ensure that the pictures weren’t quickly forgotten, UK’s The Sun also published the damaging shots taken by a reveler at a private “wild” party in Las Vegas, of the blue-blooded 27-year-old.


Despite warnings from the Palace’s lawyers (via the Press Complaints Commission), claiming that publishers would breach Harry privacy and the PCC Code. The pictures were seen by millions worldwide online.

Since then, news channels are rife with reports that the Queen is absolutely furious with the boy. Prince Harry has also had to face Prince Charles, including receiving earfuls (read: discussions) from members of the royal family. The behavior was certainly not very well received by the royals, since Prince Harry was always expected to uphold his image as an ambassador for the Queen.

Oh boy!

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