Two bouncers were gunned down outside the Madurai Club early Sunday (yesterday) after clubbing hours.

At approximately 4:30am, six unruly men tried to barge into a club way past its operating hours. The club was already closed for the day. While the bouncers tried to stop them, the men started getting aggressive. The bouncer then retaliated and a fight broke out.

Source: ntv7

Upon seeing his friends being beaten up, one of the men from the group drew out a semi-automatic revolver and fired in the direction of the victims. Both victims, 21-year-old Mohd Akmal Jemain (club bouncer) and also 21-year-old Muhammad Noor Firdaus Rashid (bystander) sustained wounds in the head and chest respectively.


They were then rushed to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (KLH) after they were found sprawled outside the club, but died upon admission.

According to Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zainuddin Ahmad, splinters from the shots also injured six people who happened to be nearby, and they were too sent to KLH for out-patient treatment. (Source)


Apparently, the suspects involved in the incidents are believed to be from two rival groups. They were (earlier in the night) involved in a fight outside the Madurai Club before they turned on a bouncer who refused to allow them into the premises.

Source: ntv7

As the story unfolded further, we now know that the gunman who shot both the Mohd Akhmal Jemain (club bouncer) and Muhammad Noor Firdaus Rashid (bystander) only stopped shooting when he ran out of bullets. After which, according to witnesses, the angry crowd turned on the gunman and his friends.

The gunman is currently in critical condition at KLH after suffering severe head injuries.

The rest of the 10 suspects in connection with the weekend shooting shocker aged between 21 years old and 37 years old have been remanded by the Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Department to facilitate investigations. (Source)

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