VIPs all over Malaysia has probably heard that their Korean idols, BIGBANG, will soon make their way to Kuala Lumpur for their first ever world tour. As if in the nick of time, we got our hands on a copy of their “Still Alive (Special Edition)” album, which was released just months ago. Call it amping ourselves up for their show, if you will.

We spend quite a few days listening to the album on loop – but only because we couldn’t stop listening to it. True story!


BIGBANG successfully changed the face of the Korean music industry and the image of boy bands forever when they first debuted in 2006. They are perhaps most well-known for their ever-evolving styles (in terms of fashion, music, as well as personalities).

“Still Alive” is their first big great comeback, with most of its songs as highlights to their “Alive Tour 2012”. Fans around the world have waited anxiously for this release especially after hearing rumours of the group’s possible disbandment following some of the member’s scandals and allegations in 2011.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)
(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

The white special edition “Still Alive” box comes with the “Still Alive” CD, a YG Family Card (YG is BIGBANG’s record label, also a talent agency), BIGBANG photo booklet, and a BIGBANG branding guide. It truly looks like a celebratory release!

We applaud the leader, Kwon Ji Yong aka G-Dragon for continuously brandishing his songwriting and producing skills. The sound of “Still Alive” is filled with electro beats and uplifting tunes. You can almost visualize K-Pop fans grooving to these songs in clubs – if you haven’t already seen it happen.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Their hit single is, of course, “Fantastic Baby”. The song is just like all their other signature dance ones which unleash the playful and sometimes wild side of BIGBANG. Listening to the song alone isn’t enough, of course.

If you search it up on YouTube, you’ll be greeted by a high energy music video complete with their sick moves:

[youtube id=”AAbokV76tkU” width=”600″ height=”350″]


All that hair & makeup! Then, it seems like the K-Pop idols decided to take a step back with their second single, “Bad Boy”. A reminder of what a 90s R&B song sounds like. The song retains the charm of the members, complete with G-Dragon’s somewhat “cocky” rap. At the same time, this is our personal favourite. Bound to melt listeners’ hearts all over the world.

We hear that the music video for this song was shot in NYC over just a few days, in the blistering cold:

[youtube id=”1qnV55LUFVM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

“Blue” is the most significant song to their comeback, with “Winter has gone, spring is coming” as strong and poignant lyrics to kick it off. You want easy K-Pop listening? “Blue” would be the one to ease you into it. “Monster” also scored major points with us for the back-and-forth smart lyrics of G-Dragon and TOP’s rap.

More hair, makeup, and elaborate costumes can be seen in their music video:

[youtube id=”btDd9rOlc2k” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Other songs such as “Feeling”, “Still Alive”, and “Ego” also hit high notes with us. But we’ll let you discover BIGBANG’s great big comeback more when you decide to purchase the CD. No spoilers there! The one thing we can assure you though is that this album is definitely packed with smash hits and cutting edge electronic sounds. In terms of composition and production, we can’t think of another K-Pop group who could’ve done it better.

Yes, we’re also pretty biased. At least we’re honest!

BIGBANG’s “Still Alive (Special Edition)” is available at a music store or record store near you.

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