Dennis Lau began his musical journey at the tender age of three and picked up the violin at eight. The child prodigy was one of the youngest pianist then to reach Grade 8 ABRSM piano at 11 years old. He also has a Diploma from the Associate Trinity College of London (ATCL) to his name.

Since then, he has been highly sought after to play at numerous highbrow private functions to a mix of audiences that includes royalty, foreign dignitaries, and VIPs from luxury and multinational corporations.


In 2007, Dennis turned entrepreneur and started his own entertainment company, Mosaic Music Entertainment and production compay, Mosaic Movie Productions. His debut album, “DiversiFy“, was released in November 2009 and DiversiFy Limited Edition together with his first short film, “Prelude in F minor” the following year in November 2010.

Dennis Lau has recently made a foray into local silver screens, having starred in Namewee’s “Nasi Lemak 2.0” (2011) and “Hantu Gangster” (2012). Come end August 2012, expect the unexpected as musician, songwriting and actor, Dennis Lau takes violin and vocals into the realm of pop-dance with the launch of the official video of his new single “Gotcha Style“:

[youtube id=”PcSjHaA08Ow” width=”600″ height=”350″]

With the talented 27-year-old Malaysian musician debuting as lead vocalist and lead violinist, Moots rapping, and Yuri Wong co-writing and co-producing, the single promises to pack a punch befitting the song title.

The official music video stars Thanuja Ananthan, Anuja Ananthan and Moots and wardrobe by Bernard Chandran. The single, distributed by Sony Music Entertainment debuted on 12th August 2012 on Malaysia’s HITz FM Malaysia’s English Chart and is available for download on iTunes for $0.99 and all telcos for ringtone downloads.

For more information, visit his website or follow him via his Twitter account for updates.

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