It’s true. DJ Rodion aka Ed Cianfanni is what Italian dance music geniuses are made of. If you haven’t already heard, he’s making his way over to our shores for a pre-Merdeka gig at Bedroom, Pavilion KL next week!

And before he does, we snag him for an exclusive little one-on-one. Check out what went on when DJ Rodion took time off his Asia tour to speak to us.


Hi Ed! How are things with you? Are you currently touring or working in the studio?

“I’m touring Asia at the moment : I already DJed at uber cool Migas in Beijing and at Kee club in Hong Kong. The tour will continue together with the fellow Metro Tokyo through Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, and Shangai, until early September.”

For those who are already not in the know (and perhaps prospective fans), how would you best describe your music and the kind of tunes that you would usually drop at your gigs?

“My productions are usually pretty busy with diverse musical elements and bizarre style changes. So probably that’s what one could expect when I DJ. I love to stay tight but combining different genres, from steady Italo arpeggiated basslines to druggy house, through acid and cyborg disco funk.”

What would you say is your greatest achievement to date? Any gigs that were extra memorable or meeting a successful a DJ (like yourself) who has inspired you? Tell us why those memories stuck with you.

“Being on tour around Asia at the moment makes me feel pretty happy, it’s quite a rewarding experience. Generally speaking, being able to travel around the world and meet new people to work with, test new crowds, taste new foods and learn new habits is quite essential to keep yourself in the loop. And it might lead to very funny and memorable nights, from the live set in a greek pole dance club, till the afterhour party among sheeps and horses in spain. I m also glad I ve been able to release on nice labels the music I wrote togheter with many artists and friends which I love and respect.”

What can Malaysian partygoers expect from your gig at Bedroom KL?

“I can guarantee a properly moustached set.”


If you weren’t a DJ/producer, what would you most likely be doing?

“I most likely be cooking at my own small restaurant, possibly on the beach. I got quite a crush on food and I find that the art of cooking, so selecting the right ingredients and blend them togheter has many similarities with the art of arranging and blending sounds. I also found that many of my trusted DJ friends share the same passion with food and cooking.”

Alright, final thing on our list – would you like to say anything to your Malaysian fans?

“Yes. See you soon in Kuala Lumpur!”

Yezzir! Thanks for speaking to us, Ed.

So, what say you? Wanna catch the master of Italian disco live at his Bedroom KL gig? Click for deets or better yet, bag some free passes from us! You may thank us later.

For more information, check out the event page.

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