All is fine and well until a man decides to jump off a bridge and leave the world reeling with shock. Case at hand, Tony Scott.

Early yesterday, the 68-year-old director and younger brother of filmmaker Ridley Scott killed himself by jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles. Witnesses told police that they saw Tony park his Toyota Prius on the Vincent Thomas bridge before getting out to scale a barrier fence (said to be eight to ten foot tall). He then jumped off without any hesitation, plunging 185 feet to his death.


Officials later found a note in his Toyota Prius which listed contact information. A suicide note was later found in his office. Its contents were not revealed.

It was reported that the Los Angeles police and Coast Guard used sonar equipment to find Tony Scott’s body in the murky waters. A dive team with the Los Angeles Port Police pulled his body from the water several hours after his death plunge.

British-born Tony Scott was a respected director and producer who was most well-known for “Top Gun” (which starred Tom Cruise), amongst other hit movies such as “Man on Fire” and “Enemy of the State”.

Tony and his brother also co-produced the hit CBS drama, “NUMB3RS”.

He is survived by his third wife, actress Donna Scott, the mother of his two young sons. (Source)

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