Hey, hey, no. Don’t boo. You can’t say you had no inkling whatsoever that this day would come.

Since Robin van Persie announced last month that he wouldn’t be signing a new contract with Arsenal, football fans have been busy guessing and double guessing the star’s next move. Rumours included Manchester City and Juventus, amongst other English football clubs.

But one would’ve never guessed that it would be Arsenal’s very own nemesis.


Manchester United is all set to complete the Robin van Persie’s transition, with both Manchester United and Arsenal releasing statements on their websites stating that personal terms still needed to be agreed to and that the deal was subject to a medical examination. The statement on Arsenal’s website reads:

Arsenal Football Club can confirm that terms have been agreed for the transfer of Robin van Persie to Manchester United.

Van Persie will travel to Manchester on Thursday in order to agree personal terms and complete a medical ahead of the proposed move.

Further updates will feature on Arsenal.com in due course.

Uh oh. Now that the biggest and perhaps most heartbreaking news of the football season is out, some Gunners are obviously not “Gunner” be very happy.

No financial details were disclosed by either clubs yet. But that didn’t stop reports from going ahead with saying that the London club wanted £24 million for its captain.


Time for the boys to make nice! (Source).

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