It has been years since he (lead) starred in anything that was a franchise of a series. After all, he did leave the limelight for more than a decade to concentrate on fighting Parkinson’s disease. Yet, no one has really forgotten the actor, who previously starred in the epic “Back to the Future” movie franchise.

Yes, you know that one. The one with the DeLorean.


Michael J. Fox came out in the open about Parkinson’s disease in 1991, while he was halfway into “Spin City”. A year later, he left the series because he had intended to focus on helping find a cure for the disease.

But that also meant that his workload had to be reduced, causing him to step away from the Hollywood limelight:

[youtube id=”ECkPVTZlfP8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Just a few months ago, however, five-time Emmy Award-winner Michael J. Fox told ABC News that he’s taking a new drug regimen that helps him control the tics and thus, allowing him to take on more roles.

So it comes as no surprise when an official announcement was made just hours ago that the actor will be returning to TV!

The 51-year-old actor will star in a Sony Pictures Television comedy for 2013, more than a decade since his last project. Said to be inspired by Michael J. Fox’s own life, the series is developed with director Will Fluck (“Friends with Benefits”, “Easy A”) and writer Sam Laybourne (“Cougar Town”, “Arrested Development”).


Michael J. Fox’s publicist and Sony has yet to comment on the breaking news, but the people in the know of the project has spoken to Associated Press, dishing out the dirt albeit anonymously. (Source)

He also has a foundation under his name that funds the research for a Parkinson’s disease cure.


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