Music lovers and audiophiles can agree on one thing; nothing is better than a good pair of earphones/headphones. Because while great artistes, DJs, and producers are hard to come by, a good pair of premium quality headphones makes all the difference in the music that you listen to.

Now, imagine this – discovering awesome background vocals or those additional instruments you don’t usually hear over your speakers or the sound system in your car.

Amazing, no?

Souce: klthugs

Recently, Sennheiser Asia launched a new campaign entitled, “The Pursuit of Perfect Sound”. The campaign features the one and only popular Malaysian DJ/producer duo, DJ Goldfish and DJ Blink. Yeah you know those two, the one we interviewed two weeks ago.

“The Pursuit of Perfect Sound” campaign is also channeled via a video that features consumers of all walks of life using different ranges of Sennheiser headphones for their activities, highlighting the company’s wide range of premium quality headphones that are suitable for every need:

[youtube id=”7rqpkntKfOs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

“It’s not just a sound, or a beat. It’s an emotion.”

What do you say to music you can feel? We say, “Hell yeah!”

For more information, visit their official website.

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