TV’s most watched family returns for another season highlighted by paternity issues and a rocky marriage.

In this latest season, we find Kris heartbroken over the recent headlines, which state that Khloe is not the biological daughter of Robert Kardashian, Sr. (insert overly dramatic gasp here). As the fallout from this issue ensues, Kris and her family have to endure a barrage of stinging press reports, which motivates her to take action.

How will this protective mom deal with the reporters, not to mention the paparazzi?


Season seven also gives us a peek on the entrepreneurial side of Kourtney and Khloe as they make plans for their DASH boutique in Calabasas. In addition, Kendall and Kylie are indeed growing up fast and are already starting to move away from the shadows of their more established sisters.

In fact, the girls already have an exciting new job at a major magazine!

Also, what is the Kardashian if not for their knack for drama? The new season also highlight the case of Bruce’s recent golfing escapades with a former model Angie Everhart. Uh oh! It obviously doesn’t sit well with Kris. But the plot thickens when Kris also had an interesting run-in with a former lover.

Trouble in paradise, much?

What can we say? Seven seasons later and we’re still “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Catch it when it premieres on 28th August (Tuesday) and every Tuesday at 10pm exclusively on E! (Astro Channel 712).

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