Stop-motion videos are hard to come by, what more good stop-motion videos. So the moment we stumbled upon this one, we knew we had to share it.

They first released a rough three-minute short (inspired by the epic “Dark Knight” films) about two weeks ago, teasing audiences in the region with what was to come. But even at three minutes, directors Derek Kwok and Henri Wong had already hit all the right notes. We believed, they’ve also “hit the spot”, many spots in fact, and gained a huge following.


Yay for new stop-motion fans!

Derek and Henri then released their full stop-motion animated short titled, “Batman: Dark Knightfall” – it appears to be just as ridiculously awesome as its “teaser”. The boys used highly realistic 1/6-scale collectible action figures by Hong Kong toy company “Hot Toys” to complete their Batman tale. Check out how realistic (so realistic, it’s almost eerie) they look:

Source: Parabucks
Source: Parabucks
Source: Parabucks

Every detail of this video was obviously taken into serious consideration during the production. From the action figures’ movements (obviously), to lighting, and to sound! It’s almost hard to believe that these aren’t real actors. Just toys.

What, you don’t believe us? Here:

[youtube id=”J1ob926Ur8Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

And perhaps this will blow your mind that much more if the video hasn’t already – this is the director duo’s first attempt at making a stop-motion film. Gosh.

Credit where it’s due though, we applaud their work. Here’s to many more awesomely mind-blowing stop-motion animation stuff from Derek Kwok and Henri Wong of Parabucks!

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