First, there was Instaprint..

..a location-based photo booth especially made for fanatics to print out their favourite Instagram pictures.


Then came Casteagram..

..a service to help you pick Instagram photos you can use to make your very own personalized iPhone case.

And it looks like the Instagram fad ain’t going anywhere below the trend charts anytime soon yet because now, we have Instasparkle!

A maker of wearable picture frames, the company allows “Instagrammers” to turn their photographs into wearable jewelry. Or turn their beloved’s favourite Instagram pictures into awesome gifts – you know, just suggesting.

Instasparkle makes necklaces, brooches, and rings that hold tiny prints, allowing you or the wearer to show off awesome shots! The frame are made of lightweight wood and each one has a unique grain pattern due to the fact that it’s assembled, stained, and sealed by hand.


Awesome gift to self or lucky receiver, no?

For more details, visit their official website.

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