Having read the first book from the “Fifty Shade” trilogy, we didn’t know what to expect from the second book. Okay, that was a lie. We expected worse. Worse being, more sex, less talk, more mindlessness. We were wrong.

Done with the first book, on with the next!

If you haven’t already heard, E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades” trilogy is still creating waves all over the world, making its mark as the bestselling book and ebook in the history of British books. Perhap it was the way the author wrapped a love story around erotica fiction, bondage, BDSM, etc. (Source)


Either way, there hasn’t been another book based on such “kinky f*ckery” (excuse the term) that has broken into the mainstream market so successfully in the history of novels. Can’t blame a person who wanting to pick up the trilogy book set to see what the fuss is all about. Us? Guilty as charged.

Here’s what we thought of “Fifty Shades Darker”:

  1. As predicted, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey find their way back into each other’s arms. And it’s very sex-fueled. So..needy. Here’s where we begin to think that it really is all about sex. Until..
  2. Christian proposes a new “arrangement” for their relationship, and begins to explain about his forlorn childhood a little bit more. And we begin to feel sorry for him. Poor young Christian, dealing with a crack whore mother, witnessing physical abuse by her pimp, left to starve. It almost brought us to tears.
  3. Okay but it still gives Christian no reasons that are solid enough to torment others for the pleasure (no pun intended) of it. Slow down on the stalking and obsessive control freak behavior or get locked up!
  4. Anastasia’s “inner goddess” and subconscious is still having conversations with her – and each other. But at least now they’re debating with Ana because she’s clearly trying to take charge of the situation and “break” Christian. But in a good way. Good job on the “soft limits” and “hard limits” on touching Christian, Ana.
  5. Christian seems to be falling in love with Ana just a little bit more – but he also seems to be fighting it all at the same time. Yes. He has lots of demons. We know that by now.
  6. Also, let’s not forget the constant presence of “Mrs. Robinson”. Gosh, what does this older woman (who could or could not be the main cause of Christian’s f*cked-up-ness) want? Can she be around anymore?
  7. Ana comes face to face with a woman who is simply reeking with jealousy over her relationship with Christian. Here comes the suspense, the matter of life and death. Does anyone die? Does anyone not? At least it’s something other than sex that’s keeping readers excited.

And the plot thickens! Before you know it, you’re caring a great deal for Anastasia and Christian. And you’re dying to find out more. And you want to get involved. And you feel like you almost want to scream at the characters, “No, don’t!” “OMG why?” sometimes.

Face it – you’re hooked.

Still can’t believe this was all based on Twilight fan fiction.

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