Remember that random Hawaiian dude we raved and raved aboutnot too long ago? Until today, he’s still one of the most subscribed to YouTubers in the history of YouTube. And as of August 2012, his videos have been viewed over 1.26 billion times.

If we haven’t gotten you completely hooked on his YouTube channel videos yet, here’s a piece of awesome news! Ryan Higa himself just tweeted minutes ago that he might be making his way over to this side of the world. Yes, the Asian region. That includes us!:


Gosh! Best news all day/week? We think so! Ryan also posted up the same announcement on his Facebook page but he hasn’t released any more details.

What? Some Ryan Higa/Nigahiga comedy live and in real life? What took him so long? Oh, right. He was probably busy making videos that contributes to our un-productivity at work:

[youtube id=”0GmfIsOLJ6k” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We’ll update this as we go along (read: when we get more super juicy details about his first ever trip to Malaysia). Can’t wait to see him in Kuala Lumpar Kuala Lumpur!

Quick question though: Any chance he’ll be bringing his friend, Kevin Wu aka KevJumba with him? Just asking!


As promised, here are the details for Ryan Higa’s first ever Kuala Lumpur show, courtesy of the good people from Soulmanna Live. Have burning questions you want to ask Ryan? Dying to have your picture taken with him?


Deets are as follows:

Venue: Bentley Auditorium, 4th floor, Wisma Bentley Music, Mutiara Damansara (between IKEA and LEXUS)

Date: Sunday 2 Sept 2012

Time: 4 to 5pm

Tickets: Standard Ticket RM75 + M&G Ticket RM100

  • MEET & GREET ENTRY TICKETS will be on sale at the door TWO (2) hours before the Q&A, ONLY to Standard tickets holders. There are only 200 Meet & Greet Entry tickets so first come first serve!
  • Meet & Greet happens after the Q&A Session.
  • Meet & Greet Entry Ticket holders will be able to take ONE (1) solo photo with Ryan Higa and ONE (1) autograph for ONE (1) item only.
  • No recording of personalized videos will be allowed due to time constraints.

Tickets are available here! Grab ’em before they’re all gone.

For more information (and more laughs), subscribe to Ryan Higa’s YouTube channel. Tee hee.

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