Thank you all for the flurry of tweets and e-mails! We’ve finally sorted out the winners for our ParaNorman 3D movie screening contest. Phew! So many tweets and e-mails, so little time.

But these lucky 40 readers are coming to catch the awesome stop-motion animation with us next Tuesday (14th August):

  1. Lim Cheng Ewe
  2. Serena Ooi Wei Wei
  3. Lau Tieng Yee
  4. Anna Amri
  5. Lau Chun Fai
  6. Tiffany Ooi Wei Lin
  7. Brian Hoo Peng Yan
  8. Tan Chuan Choi
  9. Tan Wai Hong
  10. Tan Shuei Li
  11. Ong Suk Lian
  12. Lim Hui Shan
  13. Nurul Azam Bin Mohamad Salim
  14. Florina Daumin
  15. Yoew Yin Yin
  16. Cheang Mei Foon
  17. Mohamad Izzat Bin Mat Sazali
  18. Sharon Das
  19. Ong Siew Lian
  20. Teoh Yee Fong
  21. Liew Yoon Jun
  22. Andrew Jee
  23. Mohd Fadzli Bin Abd Mutalib
  24. Ong Soo Tem
  25. Goh Siang Joo
  26. William Teoh
  27. Soo Wei Seong
  28. Ooi Chong Aik
  29. Olivia Hee O-Suet
  30. Noraziah Bt Maslan
  31. Julian Lee Ying Hao
  32. Eng Haw Min
  33. Gary Hor Kok Chiu
  34. Tan Boon Wei
  35. Sherry Chang Hui Yi
  36. Lau Chun Fai
  37. Mohd Faizul Bin Shar
  38. Janice Leong
  39. Chua Chong Lee
  40. Jane Lau

Yay! Congratulaions, Hype readers and troopers. Thanks to the awesome people from United International Pictures, you’ll be catching ParaNorman 3D with us!


Deets of the screening are as follows:

Date: 14th August 2012 (Tuesday)

Time: 9:30pm

Venue: GSC One Utama

Hall: 13

Kindly collect your tickets from our counter at GSC One Utama from 8pm onwards. Remember, tickets are non-transferable.

See you there!


For more informtion, visit their official website.

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