It was a tough match but Malaysian pride and one of the world’s international badminton champions, our Dato Lee Chong Wei, just about managed to wing it. Dato, who just recovered from his Thomas Cup Finals injury, took on India’s Parupalli Kashyap in London Olympic Games 2012’s badminton quarter finals at the Wembley Arena just hours ago.

Audience and fans described the match as a close call one (he won 21-19, 21-11) but Lee Chong Wei, who is a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, attributed it to a case of wanting to win too badly due to the unmistakable pressure to win.

Source: blancspot

“There’s no point dwelling on the first game as I realized my mistakes and made the necessary changes in the second game. After three matches, I believe I am 80% in terms of readiness but I have to make do with that and face Chen Long. Chen Long will be a different challenge but one that I have to face and I will do my best to make the final”, he said after the match. (Source)


Dato Lee Chong Wei is now determined to inch his way to glory in what is said to be the final Olympic Games appearance of his career as a badminton player. The challenge toughens as he is slated to play China’s Chen Long in the semi-finals on Friday.

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We’re right behind you, Dato! Go for gold!

Catch the men’s singles semifinals at 8:30pm on 3rd August 2012 (Friday) on Stadium Astro (Astro Channel 849). Alternatively, you could also watch the match via the Official Olympic Channel on YouTube.

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