Established in 2004 by Sam Lee (DJ Becareful), Frankie, and Kobe, the name “SUBCREW” drives from a play of the “SUBMARINE & CREW” words, representing the relentless struggles of a submarine crew that is holding their position in a time of turbulence, united and fighting for survival in the open sea.

In today’s fast paced and multi faced fashion industry, the brand does not conform under pressure but stands their ground and maintains a sense individuality and originality. SUBCREW embodies the spirit of unity, which resonates well within the brand thus paving the way for “UNITY”, SUBCREW’s specialty store.


This undying spirit to be on the forefront has grown the brand from strength to strength and in a span of a few short years. SUBCREW embodies the spirit of unity, which resonates well within the brand thus paving the way for UNITY, SUBCREW’s specialty store. SUBCREW via its specialty stores has expanded to Greater China, Taiwan, Macau and finally – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

UNITY Store KL” is a “pop up” store that will occupy its current location for a 12-month duration after which it will be relocated to a yet undetermined location. The store is currently occupying the space previously known as “Zinc Artspace” along Jalan Maarof. UNITY Store KL will feature a special collaborative collection entitled SUBCREWMADE™ by Jahan (more details to come & official release date on 6th August 2012).

Aside from SUBCREW & SUBCREWMADE™, the good folks at UNITY Store KL will also host a select range of STAPLE (NYC, yes the pigeon has finally landed in Kuala Lumpur) and the finest selection of Dr Martens footwear.

For more information, visit their Facebook page. Don’t forget to LIKE ’em!

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