“I love the street and snowboard scene. The people involved are the people I see at my shows, so it made sense to hook up with a cool company like Neff to work on a collaboration. Plus, it was easy to put ears on the Neff face for an instantly legit logo right?”, said Joel Zimmerman aka “deadmau5” on the apparel line launch of the year.

You didn’t hear?


One of the world’s biggest names in EDM (think “Mickey Mouse” but angrier) has teamed up with street and surf apparel brand “Neff Headwear” to launch the collaborative project, “Neffmau5”:

[youtube id=”EWNyOkSg-Ss” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The collection features a “Neffmau5” logo; a mash-up of the all too popular “mau5head” and Neff’s “Suckerface” and will be released seasonally over the next two years. The current selection consists of four tees, one crewneck sweatshirt, a hoodie, and two snapback hats. All of which were officially mau5-approved, of course.

Upon the launch, Shaun Neff (Founder of Neff Headwear) commented, “We think Neffmau5 perfectly expressed the combined energy of our two brands and we hope a new army of new consumers will agree.”

For now, only the shirts (in a variety of colours and designs) are available in online stores. Hit up their website to check ‘em out!

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