During his appearance in court yesterday to hear the charges against him, he seemed impassive – which means that he basically showed no emotion, and his face bore no remorse. Even if he was under the scrutiny of an audience of prosecutors, a jury panel, a judge, and most of all, under the cold stares of relatives of the theater shooting victims.

It was disturbing that neuroscience student James Holmes, who was responsible for each of the 12 deaths that occurred during the “The Dark Knight Rises” massacre simply sat dazed and emotionless for the entire 45 minutes in the courtroom.


He remained that way as Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers listed 142 charges (including 24 counts of premeditated murder, 12 counts of murder with malice and extreme indifference to human life, and 116 counts of attempted murder) against him. (Source)

He was said to have spent all of those minutes sitting back in his chair, sometimes swaying side to side or swiveling, while staring down at the table before him. Oh, there were also instances where he would roll his eyes. We know what you’re thinking – “What?”

Legal analysts say an insanity defense is likely given the nature of the crime and revelation he was a psychiatric patient. Clearly, it’s probably the only defense he has considering the twisted nature of his case. (Source)

And even so, a death row may not suffice. But that’s just our opinion.

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