News has been traveling up, down, and out of the grapevine since the official announcement and release of the iPhone 4S, and judging from the reactions from the obviously underwhelmed “Apple cult followers”, this piece of news should get them back up on their feet again.

That is, if it hasn’t been heavily exaggerated by tech media around the world.

Word on the street is that the tech giant is about to send lovers and haters reeling with a refresh iPhone and the rumoured smaller iPad this September. And now, the “Apple Nazis” have more than one thing to be excited about.


The iPhone 5/”New iPhone”/whatever it’s going to be called, will reportedly be announced on the 12th September before it’s shipped out on the 21st September. Joining the madness will be none other than the “iPad Mini”/”Next iPAD”, which will likely featuring a seven-inch screen.

Or so they say. There are also rumours that new iPod Touch and iPod Nano may be tossed into the equation.

You know what this means? If all this is true, this would probably be Apple’s next big thing since the iPhone 4. Cue crazy excitement and anticipation!

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