Singapore’s actor-turned-singer Nathaniel Ho is on a frantic search for his missing father, Mr. Daniel Ho Shih Meng. Nat Ho is also one of the guys featured in the latest reality TV series, “Hot Guys Can Cook”.

The news took Twitterville by storm when Nat posted to his Twitter account yesterday afternoon that his 55-year-old father had gone missing:


He then posted more information (including pictures and as many details that he has of his father) to help members of the public identify his father. Amongst the flurry of panicky tweets is Mr. Daniel Ho Shih Meng’s last known CCTV image.

In the image, he is seen wearing a white T-shirt, blue bermudas, and sandals.

Nat’s father left home without his handphone, wallet, identification, or keys – although he might have taken an EZ-link card with him (for access to public transportation). He hasn’t been seen in his usual haunts, or the Jurong area (where they live).

The family also searched the Bishan area, where Nat’s father was supposed to go for Bible study yesterday, but to no avail. The Bible study leader said that Mr. Daniel Ho did not turn up for the session.

Members of the public with any leads on Mr. Daniel Ho’s whereabouts are encouraged to contact the police or call Marion at (02) 9741 0687 (from a Malaysian landline) or (+65) 9741 0687 (from a Malaysian mobile).

UPDATE: At 1:16pm, 24th July 2012, Nat Ho announced via Twitter that his father has been found. His thoughts and heartfelt thanks on his blog here.

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