Organised by DC, in conjuction with EpicSoft, and CodeMasters, the “D!RT Showdown” Asian Tournament will be coming to Malaysia (that’s us!), Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. For Malaysia, the “D!RT Showdown Tournament” will be held at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya on 29th July 2012 (Sunday) at 12PM.

Is this your golden opportunity to trash all other gamers in the tournament or what?

Here’s how the D!RT Showdown Tournament rolls – contestants will compete head-to-head on the fast-paced Xbox game to score points by doing Gymkhana tricks while maneuvering the race track. Yes, the same Gymkhana that is championed by professional rally driver, Ken Block.


The player who scores the most points in the shortest time possible wins and advances to the next round. Winners from these countries will be flown to the final leg in Singapore to compete in the grand finals, where the overall champion will be revealed. The overall champion will then be crowned the first ever D!RT Showdown Asian Champion, and will receive attractive prizes including:

DC Apparel

Xbox Games

An autographed Ken Block poster

An exclusive pair of DC shoes (autographed by Ken Block)

Rules & regulations:

  1. The game is head-to-head.
  2. The setup is a single elimination ladder match.
  3. Tracks that the players will be racing on are Yokohama, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
  4. Players will race each other on all three circuits, best of three will move up the ladder.

The tourney is limited to only 128 registered gamers so hurry on over to their website to get your name on the list!

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