Drama unfolds in the Jackson music family as the late Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, is believed to be missing. According to her lawyer, Sandra Ribera, Katherine would usually never go 24 hours without at least contacting her grandkids (Prince, Paris, and “Blanket”).

It was said that an extremely worried Paris (who has been living with Katherine ever since her father, Michael Jackson, passed away three years ago) tried calling her aunts Rebbie and Janet over the past several days only to be told that she couldn’t speak to her each time.

Following that, Paris tweeted:


This is coming as a shocker especially since it’s happening right smack in the middle of the latest chapter in a messy dispute between Katherine’s children (the Jackson kids) and he advisers over her finances and legal affairs.

CNN has also been trying to get a hold of Janet Jackson’s representatives but to no avail.

Jermaine Jackson (who is involved in the dispute) also took it to Twitter to say,“I want to reassure everyone (inc all sudden medical experts) that Mother is fine but is resting up in AZ on the orders of a doctor, not us. This is our mother and her health is paramount. We are not inventing or plotting anything. We are following doctor’s advice. Period.”

Unwilling to take any chances, a missing person’s report has since been filed with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and the sheriff’s homicide-missing persons unit has been asked to investigate.

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