Picture (no pun intended) this, you’re at an event, you’ve just snapped a picture with a popular celebrity, and you want it up online as soon as possible. Because once in awhile, we would like to show off. Right?

And what better way to do that than with a handy, Wi-Fi enabled compact camera?


Canon Malaysia just unveiled the new range of IXUS cameras:

  • IXUS 510 HS
  • IXUS 500 HS
  • IXUS 240 HS
  • IXUS 125 HS

All the above are equipped with exciting new innovations, Wi-Fi, and photo-sharing capabilities. And who better to officiate the unveiling of these nifty gadgets other than Canon ambassador and ardent Canon fan herself, Penny Tai?

Finally, Penny Tai is back in her home country in conjunction with her “On the Way Home” Malaysia Album Tour 2012. This is Penny’s 10th solo album (wow!) and she reportedly wrote and composed all twelve songs in the album while she was on vacation in the United States a few months ago:

[youtube id=”YozMr9f_K-Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

With regards to coming home, she said, “I’m currently busy preparing for my Australia concert tour which is scheduled for April but I insisted on coming home for this promotional tour!“. Aww! We have to say, that we’re glad our very own Malaysian sweetheart is back home too!


Penny’s promotional tour will include three live mini concerts (in co-operation with D-Power band) at these locations:

  • Penang (30th of March)
  • Kuala Lumpur (31st of March)
  • Johor Bharu (1st of April)

And if you really want your copy of “On The Way Home” signed, there will be four autograph sessions at:

  • Klang Parade (27th of March)
  • One Utama (28th of March)
  • Taiping Sentral Mall (29th of March)
  • Muar Wetex Parade (4th of April)

For more information, visit Penny Tai’s Facebook page.

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