In 1972, the XXth Olympic Games, held in Munich, Germany, was going to be the one teams from around the world and spectators would remember for the rest of their lives, and their children..for the rest of their lives too. They just didn’t know it yet.



Eight members of a Palestinian terrorist organization staged an attack that killed two members of the Israeli Olympic team and then took nine others hostage. Following the massacre, the Israeli government then organized a retaliation against the terrorists, called “Operation Wrath of God”.

The 1972 Munich Olympics became a mess of a situation that ended by a huge gunfight that left five of the terrorists and all of the nine hostages dead.

It was devastating – and the only one of many terrifying events that transpired during the Munich Olympics of 1972. And a true story that is now known as the “Black September”.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre, HISTORY (Astro Channel 555) will be broadcasting a new documentary titled “Black September: The Attack of The 1972 Munich Olympics“.  The documentary will premiere on the 22nd July 2012 (Sunday) at 8pm.

The only place where history will be allowed to repeat itself.

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