The Pixar studios is about to get busy again with the confirmation what is said to be one of Disney’s biggest and most long-awaited animation flick sequels ever. The company, which is already in the midst of a “Monsters Inc.” sequel can now add “Finding Nemo 2” to their workload.

Yes! Finding Nemo TWO!


Already considered as one of Disney-Pixar’s greatest treasures, the original film once won the Oscar for “Best Animated Picture” among other notable awards. It’d be safe to say that the 2003 undersea “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” adventure propelled the company into super-stardom and raised the bar for the animation genre.

On the 17th July 2012, it was also announced that writer-director Andrew Stanton (who directed the first “Finding Nemo” and “Wall-E”) will be leading the sequel. No word on whether or not Ellen DeGeneres will take on the role as the voice of Dory once again though. She has been joking about doing a sequel on her talk show since forever years so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

As of now, the sequel has a tentative 2016 release date. And uh, that’s all we know.

Hang tight, we’ll update this as we go along!

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