Of photoshop skills and more. British royal and wife of Prince William is the latest style icon to fall into the hungry mouths of photo editing. Appetizing?

Before you start wondering how they’ve managed to coax the royalty into posing for the cover of their August issue, maybe you should start praising their in-house designer for his/her work – or not. Fashion mag Marie Claire (South Africa) must’ve really, really wanted Kate Middleton on their late summer edition. So much so that they’ve decided to get a little creative.

And because Kate has refused to pose for any magazine or fashion publicity shots, the mag decided on using an illustration of the duchess.


Marie Claire has, however, made it perfectly clear that it’s strictly “fan art”, with an asterisk. But it doesn’t stop at just the August issue cover, which has a headline that reads, “Wears SA’s Best Local Designs”.

Inside the South African issue, Kate is dressed up in design from local SA designers. Or more like, completely “drawn” into South African designs from the local fashion market. And apparently, a total of five illustrators worked on these pictures.

Tribute or abuse? Is trouble already brewing? Because we’re not sure what Kate will think of the mag not using real, authorized photos of her.

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