She once said that her music-hungry soul and love for an infectious beat is all thanks to her musical influences such as Run DMC, Lauryn Hill, and Talib Kweli. And with these inspirations, she thought Malaysia how to groove again when she went from Teh Tarik Crew’s (TTC) hip hop MC to becoming the country’s only electro pop princess.

Diving headfirst into the world of music and entertainment from the tender age of eight, singer-songwriter Mizz Nina has gone from underground hip hop gigs and college shows, to TTC in 1999, to bagging two AIM nominations for TTC’s full length album, a radio show of her own, and as of recent, a solo career.


And just a few days ago, we met up with Mizz Nina before her first ever MTV World Stage 2012 performance (where she shared the stage with Justin Bieber, KARA, and Jay Park):

Congratulations on the MTV milestone, Mizz Nina! How did you prepare for your first ever MTV World Stage 2012 performance?

“Thanks! I actually bought myself a treadmill at home prior to the event so that I can work out and prep myself for the stage. Part of the preparation is running and singing at the same time. But I can’t run and sing at the gym! It’d be an invasion of privacy. And the day before the event, I had to redo my pants because there was a tear. Yeah! Coupled with dress rehearsals and making sure that my mic is all there were a lot of last minute adjustments for the show.”

So you went from TTC to releasing your solo albums, what else are you working on currently?

“I just launched my Takeover album in May, and after Hari Raya I plan to do a tour in Malaysia – East Coast and West Coast. Then I’m heading out to different places to do shows such as Hong Kong, Melbourne, and a few other countries. At the same time, I might be releasing a new single and I’ll be shooting a few music videos. I’m, reminding myself of all the things I need to do, have to do! (laughs) It’s going to be a very busy year.”

Photo credit: Lucas Lau

What about other projects, collaborations, surprises..or Mizz Nina secrets?

“Next year, probably gathering new songs for my next album and ideas for my clothing line, Mizz Demeanour. I’m also thinking of doing a compilation like a mixtape CD. Ah! I cannot reveal yet about the upcoming collaborations! But it could be an Asian artiste – I’m not going to say much.”

MTV World Stage 2012 aside, we know this is the biggest milestone in your career. but are there any artistes in the world that you’d really, really like to someday share the stage with?


“To perform live with? I would love to perform live with Pitbull! I think he would be amazing for stage. He’s got style, his performances usually consists of a lot of energy, and his band is awesome. It would be great!”

Mizz Nina then ran off the rock Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon with a performance that was jam-packed with tunes both old and new that keep the crowd begging for more. Our thoughts on her first ever MTV World Stage gig? She did Malaysia proud!

Photo credit: Lucas Lau

Definitely another win for Mizz Nina.

For more information, visit Mizz Nina’s website and don’t forget to LIKE her Facebook page!

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