With only 60 PAIRS of tickets to give away to a stampede of submissions, we only hope we had more to give out. But thank you all for the “Bourne Legacy” entries! As always, our readers are such troopers.

And without further ado, here’s the complete list of winners for our exclusive premiere movie screening:

  1. Lisa Khoo Cheng Li
  2. Soo Kwan Seong
  3. Ng Kok Joe
  4. Sharon Das
  5. Rus Azila
  6. Ting Zong Li
  7. Lee Jia Huey
  8. Lee Hong Leong
  9. Lim May Yenn
  10. Tian Joan Sin
  11. Yvonne Tan Eng Yen
  12. Seng Hui Lin
  13. Lim Zhi Ee
  14. Tan Boon Wei
  15. Noeryz Ismael
  16. Ahmad Al-Zubir
  17. Yong Shek Yee
  18. Pang Wei Xiong
  19. Soo Mei Kum
  20. Badiuzaman bin Mohd Noor
  21. Teoh Kim Kheng
  22. Tan Jia Lin
  23. Mohd Ikhwan bin Abdullah
  24. Ong Chee Eng
  25. Ng Chee How
  26. Edmund Teh Ewe Kiat
  27. Soo Huiying
  28. Marissa Lim
  29. Ahmad Fuad bin Adzmi
  30. Bryan Hoo Peng Yan
  31. Mohd Afiq Ashraf
  32. Kelvin Tan Tien Min
  33. Wong Wing Chong
  34. Ahmad Fadhullah Adzmi
  35. Wong Wai Tsung
  36. Soo Wei Siong
  37. Adam Shamsul Anwar
  38. Ong Suk Lian
  39. Junior Hoe Boon Yeong
  40. Mohamad Afiq bin Azman
  41. Ting Jer Rei
  42. Leong Siew Thien
  43. Leong Mei Yuan
  44. June Teh
  45. Serena Ooi Wei Wei
  46. Yen Tan
  47. Chan Wah Loong
  48. Ho Zhi Ching
  49. Chai Lai Kheng
  50. Eranis Bin Juanis
  51. Joyce Yee Cai Yin
  52. Lim Yeen Li
  53. Julian Lee Ying Hao
  54. Angeline Ng Geok Kee
  55. Chan Chen Hoong
  56. Ho Wai Keen
  57. Yong Seat Jian
  58. Zulhardy Bin Mohamad
  59. Noraziah Binti Maslan
  60. Teoh Yee Fong

Congratulations, peeps! You’ll be catching Jeremy Renner in action with us! Thanks to the awesome people from United International Pictures.


Deets of the screening are as follows:

Date: 7th August 2012 (Tuesday)

Time: 9:30pm

Venue: GSC Mid Valley

Hall: 1

Kindly collect your tickets from our counter at GSC Mid Valley from 8pm onwards. Remember, tickets are non-transferable.

See you there!

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