Known to be one of the most creative minds of our time, Wolfram “Marflow” Eckert is easily distinguishable from his peers by the fact that he is smart, enthusiastic, and beautiful. And by beautiful, we mean his model good looks.

Who would’ve thought that a boy from a small no name town in Austria could’ve gone from being a young music enthusiast to making a name in the club scene, to touring the world? We sure didn’t. But DJ Wolfram, the self-proclaimed music junkie, always knew that he had extraordinary intelligence when it came to music.


As a matter of fact, he’s probably one of the only DJs we know who is more of a collector of weird electronic records from the 80s than he is a DJ. Strange, huh?

Is he as strange as his profile makes him out to be? We find out:

So, here’s what we gotta ask you – and we know this is coming at the very beginning of your chat with us but, why “Diskokaine”?

“Because when I came up with that name it was almost 10 years ago and I wanted something catchy. ‘Disko’ was just rediscovered so it was kind of new and I think ‘kokaine’ is some sort of drug. I thought kids like that combination. But I think it’s not healthy.”

What would you say your musical style is like and who are the people who have influenced that style?

“Now my style is not really easy to describe anymore because I’m now open to everything. I used to play only Italy disco, Chicago house and a bit of real disco. Now I just like good music that makes people happy.”

Where would you say was the best and most memorable venue that you’ve ever played at?

“Panorama bar, Berlin, and D-Edge in Sao Paolo.”


Like most DJs/producers, a lot of traveling comes into play in your career. Tell us, what’s in your luggage?

“I have only some clothes, a MacBook air 11″, and toothbrush/toothpaste with me. I avoid checking in so it’s all only hand luggage and as light as possible.”

What can Malaysian partygoers expect from your gig at Kuala Lumpur Bedroom on the 13th of July?

“‘BIG FUN’ as Kevin Saunderson would say it with his ‘Inner City’ project. Thanks Hype!”

Catch DJ Wolfram at Bedroom Pavilion KL on the 13th July 2012 (Friday) but please, be ready to be enthralled.

For more information, visit Bedroom’s website.

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