Another one bites the dust as the newly opened Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya faces yet another problem.

First, it was the faulty elevators. Which became a hit all across the nation when the situation was handled wrongly. Remember the giant social media “boo boo” via Paradigm Mall’s Facebook page?:


The Facebook page comments not only left Paradigm Mall scrambling to rectify the said elevator problems but to also play down the rude replies by one of their employees. But, oh you know how social media works, right? It spread like wildfire and before you know it, the posts were going here, there, and everywhere (read: viral).

Obviously the general public (like us) haven’t forgotten about it and that’s why it still rings clear in our heads. On the bright side, the issues with the elevators have since been fixed, all quick and jiffy!

However, just a few hours ago, another cloud of doom swept over the mall. This picture is now circulating around our interwebs:

Apparently, an air-con unit collapsed through the ceiling of the Starbucks Coffee outlet. The “wreckage” landed right smack in the area where tables and chairs are laid out. The incident happened during operation hours of the mall and there has been no news yet if anyone was hurt.

We sure hope not!

Which begs the questions, why is there no quality control whatsoever? Who’s to blame for this mishap? What would happen if there were patrons? Should they or should they not now do a proper and thorough inspection of the building?

We’ll leave that up to you to decide. Now, excuse us while we go be just a little bit paranoid.

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