She’s the host of one of the world’s most successful talk shows. She’s goofy, cute, and at all times like a walking and talking cartoon character. So much so that she has become her own brand of humour. Celebrities love her; other talk show hosts want to be her. She’s also the “mother of all coming out” – yes, that means she’s publicly gay and she’s proud of it.

Seriously…I’m Kidding” is Ellen DeGeneres’ latest book, post Portia de Rossi marriage. It takes a jab at self-help books and real life issues whilst leaving the reader in stitches. Why? Because although some chapters are heavy with Ellen’s gratitude for her success coupled with her sharing of parts of her life, it is also extremely random.


As a matter of fact, some chapters contain nothing but short fictional stories and noises (meditation with Ellen, anyone?). If you know Ellen, well, you can imagine how it all sounds like in a reader’s head.

We especially love how inspirational some chapters are without sounding too much like it’s trying to force “zen” into a reader’s life. It’s also good to look at the world through Ellen’s eyes, with off and on again interruption by her jokes and ramblings. Oh, and we musn’t forget to mention that she didn’t fail to not just poke fun at others but also herself in the book:

Numerous times. Constantly.

If you’re looking for an escape from reality for a couple of minutes, pick this one up. Escape into Ellen’s “reality” for a bit, if you will. It’s not a biography or a memoir but it’s a fun read.

“Seriously…I’m Kidding” is available at your local bookstore for RM56.90.

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