We caught “The Amazing Spider-Man” over the weekend, expecting to be blown away by the reboot. Despite the hype (no pun intended) that was built up leading to the release, we weren’t quite sure what to expect considering the fact that the whole Spider-Man story has been told over and over again (read: previous Spidey movies starring Tobey Maguire) over the last decade. Furthermore, Marc Webb (Webb! Get it?) is the director of this one – you may remember him as the man behind “500 Days of Summer“.

So the question is, how much would it take to blast the cobwebs away from this age old tale of the boy with sticky fingers?


The movie starts off with a run through Spider-Man’s history. Yup. The one that most of us already know my heart. So much so that it goes on for about half an hour – Peter Parker, spider, gains powers, uncle dies. After the first half hour, however, the “real” story kicks in. The villian “Lizard” turns up, Spidey is seen free-swinging all across and around the city, and starts spinning a hammock to “chill out” while waiting for Lizard. Yes, that was our favourite scene, that hammock scene.

Also, Andrew Garfield proves that he is indeed the better Peter Parker (sorry Tobey). For starters, he looks more intelligent, does not look weak, and is an academic star with a hint of “nerd” cool. Emma Stone, too, filled the shoes of Gwen Stacy quite nicely, if the shoes didn’t already seem like they were too small for her. We say this because she played the part of a love interest a whole lot better than Kirsten Dunst.

When you put the two together, magic!

It also helps that both stars are dating in real life, of course.

Needless to say, “The Amazing Spider-Man” was a showcase of effective recreation. Worth catching in a cinema near you? We’re positive it is. Thank you, Marc Webb, for setting the bar higher for Spidey movies!

For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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