In 2001, Tom Cruise stunned his then wife, Nicole Kidman with divorce papers before fighting to take their two (adopted) children away from her. He later on cut her completely out of their lives when her gained sole custody of the kids. But in the whole of 10 years that they were a married couple, and even the years after the split, Nicole never did once publicly defy or challenge Tom’s devotion to his sci-fi cult beliefs.

Tom would later on meet Katie Holmes and apparently, would make the same crazy mistakes.


He once instructed producers of “Thank You for Smoking” to ban any promotional photos which showed Katie and co-star Aaron Eckhart engaged in kissing. He also prevented Katie from flying with the rest of the “Batman Begins” cast during her stint in the movie and instead, made her travel with him on his private jet.

Fast forward to 2006, past Tom and Katie’s elaborate Scientology wedding, Katie (who was raised a Roman Catholic but converted to the Church of Scientology) gave birth to their first child, Suri.

Suri’s birth became a source of media interest when the couple followed the Scientology practice of a silent  birth, a birthing procedure advised by L. Ron Hubbard and advocated by Scientologists.

According to Scientology doctrine, the silent birth is practiced because “any words spoken are recorded in the reactive mind and can have an aberrative effect on the mother and the child”, although there has been no medical or scientific proof – as crazy as it might sound.

And just last week, the shocking news of Katie serving Tom divorce papers on a cold platter shook the world.


What’s more shocking is perhaps the fact that alongside the papers, Katie also made it clear that she’s fighting for sole custody of Suri. Word has it that Katie is worried about Tom’s devotion to the cult and what effects it may sooner or later have on Suri, who is only six years old.

The controversial “religion”, known to have the most outrageous rules, regulations, teachings, and practices (read: silent birth), has spawn stories since the dawn of its existence. Most of which includes how Scientology turns people’s lives upside down.

For example, even at that age, little Suri was already being groomed to become a worldwide ambassador of Scientology. Should Katie lose legal custody of her only daughter, Suri may have to live a life of exploitation and brainwashing – including being encouraged to spy on her own mother. If there was anything that Mummy dearest said that was anti-Scientology, Suri would have to report on.

She would also have to be inducted as a cadet (which separates children from their parents for days at a time) for a “boot camp” in preparation for the base of the religion’s most hardened recruits.

Oh, and also, Scientology has no qualms whatsoever in making children (from as young as 10 years old) do 50 hours a week of work.

Which begs the question, was Scientology really the cause of the split? Or did Katie merely grow up and realize that a life with Tom (previously her celebrity crush) is not what she wants after all?

Either way, we’re inclined to believe that Suri’s Mummy dearest could have just saved her from a lifetime of science-suffering.

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