She started out as a fashion model, but because of her passion for music, Kristin Schrot aka DJ Miss Nine is now globetrotting to play energetic dance grooves for partygoers. In just a few years, she has not only established herself as a model under the renowned Elite Model Management, the world’s most prestigious model network, also home to Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio, just to name a few – she has also  played alongside masters such as John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, and James Zabiela.

For many fashion and EDM-loving women, it’s a dream come true. For Kristin, she’s already living the dream! And lucky us, we had the opportunity to hear all about it, firsthand.


Hi Kristin! This is your second time on our side of the world so yay, welcome! How are you liking it so far?

“I love it! I love the food. Today, actually, I got some time off. We got to see a little bit more of the city. We went to Batu Caves, had some coconut milk, and we went to the Petronas KLCC Towers. And we took a lot of pictures!”

We hear that you shared the stage with some world famous DJs at A State of Trance (ASOT) 550 in Den Bosch just a few months ago. What was the experience like?

“I’ve known Armin for a long time, so he started a female stage (Pink Stage) just to try it out and he has also been very supportive of female DJs. He asked me if I wanted to be a part of it and I said yes, of course! I opened at the Pink Stage at 8pm. Even at 8pm, the location was crowded and full of people. People were partying from 8pm until the next day. They had a lot of energy and it was very fun.”

What made you decide to pick up DJing?

“I’ve always been into music like, I’ve always been able to attend parties at a young age. Then, I moved to Holland to pursue full-time modeling but one day my friend came up with this crazy idea of me DJing. In my free time, it started and at first it was like one record, Daft Punk’s One More Time. Then I was like okay, let’s try another one, let’s try to mix it..”

So, you went from modeling to DJing to becoming one of Pioneer’s ambassadors. Congratulations! There aren’t many female DJs like you in the world of EDM today. Why do you think that is?


“A lot of people think that it’s easy to be a DJ so a lot of them don’t take it seriously enough and hence, they don’t breakthrough. The industry is still a male-dominated world. There are many very good female DJs out there but sometimes they just need an extra push to get their feet into the industry. More and more females are pushing their way through though, like Maya Jane Coles or Sister Bliss. I’ve always looked up to Sister Bliss. Also, there’s also a special program in Europe now that will support female DJs. People send their mixes in and I’m one of the’s something on YouTube so keep an eye out for it.”

Are you going to work on an album soon? Or do you even have the time considering your super busy schedule?

“I’ve mixed some compilations for Yoshitoshi, for Armada, for Levi’s® Curve ID, and last year I mixed a compilation for my own music label, 925 (Nine to Five) Music called Around The World. I’ve also released some of my own tracks and signed some new talents on the label so, the next big thing would definitely be an album.”

What was the best moment in your career as a DJ?

“The best moment was when Deep Dish called me and asked me if I wanted to go on tour with them. They were like, we want to work with you, we want to take you on tour, and we want you with our agency. And I was like, what me? A small town girl from Germany? I was very honoured.”

Aww. Would you come back to Malaysia? Are you already looking forward to it?

“Of course! I love it over here! The people are so nice and the know, I was at Pangkor Laut for a holiday, four years ago and it was beautiful. I like the culture here. No stress, laidback. Yes, I would definitely come back for a holiday.”

We’re not kidding when we say that she’s as sweet and humble as she is gorgeous. With amazing talents to boot! So don’t forget to check out her music on SoundCloud and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Oh, you may also want to (not so secretly) stalk the beautiful Miss Nine via her Twitter account.

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