So we heard – Instagram, the free photo sharing app that has made so many iOS gadget users overnight pro photographers is finally going to be available for Android platform users too.

First of all, the Instagram app is not “just another photo editing app”. Sure, we all know apps like that are nothing new or out of the ordinary. But the fact is, it’s the only app that allows its users to create artistic photographs in one medium, only available on one platform (for now), in one size, and in one aspect ratio.


It got so fun, so big, and so crazy that according to a report, as of March 2012, it has topped 27 million registered users.

Anyway, don’t we (referring to frequent “Instagrammers”) have our own personal favourite filters already by now?

So, the rumour has been spining round and round in the mill for awhile now while demands for an Instagram for Android app screamed louder and louder with each passing month. The Instragram app for Android was in private beta for the longest time.

Well, according to Instagram’s founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the wait for it is coming to an end pretty soon. We think they mean business this time because late Saturday, this appeared:


Yes! It’s true. And we hear that Kevin and Mike even said that the Android version, in some ways, is better than the iPhone app! Now, isn’t that something?

We’ve already signed up and we don’t see why you other Android users shouldn’t. Go here to sign-up now!

For more information, visit the official Instagram blog.

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