Revive Isotonic’s one-of-a-kind Rev Cup contest returns this year with a new twist, bigger prizes and five themes that promise to take creativity and ingenuity to new levels, including one that involves crime-fighting, high-flying caped crusaders!

Rev Cup 2012: Amp Your Pix” is the follow-up to 2011’s successful “Rev-Cup Battle of the States” contest and shares a similar format, where participants upload photos based on contest themes found on Revive Isotonic’s Facebook page. Each photo is judged and given points, with five winners determined by the number of points collected throughout the duration of each theme.

There’s a new twist to the contest, however. Participants can add points to their photos by snapping up Revive Isotonic bottles that contain codes on the underside of their caps. These bottles are found in retail stores nationwide, but some hunting is required as not all bottles come with the special “Rev Up Cap” code. Once these bottles are in hand, simply key in the codes into a designated Facebook application when uploading photos and extra points are gained immediately!


This year’s contest, which sees its total prize money increased to RM65,000 from RM56,000, also boasts five new weekly themes. The first, “Supahero“, requires participants to dress as superheroes using common items such as gloves, a blanket and a hose. Each week, the participant with the most points for each theme wins a cool RM2,000.

The other four themes will be revealed as the contest progresses. The “Best Photo” from each theme also wins RM5,000 at the close of the contest and the entry that accumulates the most points during the overall competition wins the Grand Prize of RM10,000. Winners of four other categories:

  1. Revive Addict
  2. Teamwork
  3. Best Effort
  4. Most Daring

..will also be presented with RM5,000 each at the Grand Finale.

To add a charitable touch to Amp Your Pix, four radio stations – ERA, My.Fm, Hitz.Fm, and THR Raaga will participate in “Battle of the Stations“, where each station submits photos and a video to garner votes and win RM5,000. Permanis will donate the sum to the charity of the winning radio station’s choosing as part of the company’s CSR initiatives.

We’ve had a very strong demand from consumers for yet another Rev Cup contest after last year’s edition, and as always, we’re giving our consumers what they want. We’re expecting more entries and a whole lot more creativity and imagination to be on show this year, so participants will have to bring their ‘A’ game to the contest to win”, said Hemalatha Ragavan (Group Marketing Vice President of Permanis Sdn Bhd).


On the 6th July 2012 (Friday), Rev Cup 2012: Amp Your Pix comes to a conclusion at the Grand Finale. Slated to be held at Neverland in Kuala Lumpur, the party will see to it that one lucky Grand Prize winner walks away with RM10,000 whilst nine other participants take home RM5,000 each and five others, RM2,000 each for coming out tops in their respective themes and categories.

For more information on Rev Cup 2012: Amp Your Pix, visit their Facebook page.

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