Known to make her past relationships and heartbreaks public via her award-winning songs, Adele now adds another piece of news that she probably won’t regret exposing.

Over the weekend, the 24-year-old London-born singer announced that she is expecting her first child. On her blog too, may we add:


This is coming as a pleasant surprise, of course.  Considering how all we’ve ever known about Adele was her failing relationships. But wait, in recent months, she has been dating boyfriend Simon Konecki (CEO of Drop4Drop charity and divorced father) and even sparked engagement rumours in March this year when she was spotted wearing a yellow diamond on her engagement finger at the BRIT awards.

She denied the engagement rumours but it didn’t stop her from expressing her desire to have children. Hmm. Could this be Adele’s dream come true just yet? Or should we expect an entire album’s worth of angry changing-baby’s-diapers and lack-of-sleep songs soon?

Either way, we’re happy for her. Congratulations, Adele! You’re going to make a great mum!

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