Two months ago, they released their friendly green robot app, much to the delight of Android users. But less than a week after, it was made known to the world that Facebook had acquired Instagram. Cue all the conspiracy theories you can ever imagine or come up with.

Stories and theories aside, we now learn that what used to be just an iPhone-centric app has now gone beyond just Android handsets and into Facebook. Instagram is now on the web. Well, sorta. A little bit.


How does it work?

All you gotta do is click on someone’s Instagram photo link (either via Twitter or Facebook). When the page loads (and the page has been redesigned too, by the way!) you will find that you can now like and comment on the said picture. While it’s great and all, there are some downsides:

  1. You need to have an Instagram account to like/comment.
  2. You can’t browse other photos from the account.
  3. You can’t discover new photos either.

That aside, you’ll find that you can also work on your Instagram profile online such as editing your profile, changing your password, and even managing the apps which have access to your Instagram account.

Pretty handy, yes? Yay!

Although the web Instagram is still super small (in terms of development), we suspect there may be plans to add in more functions in the future. And when that happens, really, how do we escape all those awesome filters and sharing of awesome-r photos?

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