YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off” unveiled the grand winner at the finals held at Laundry Bar last night after an intensive two months of online voting and live performances.

Launched two months ago, the YouTube competition was hosted by Laundry Bar, a staunch supporter of the local music scene in Kuala Lumpur. The aim of “YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off” program is to raise the profile of the Malaysian music scene via a new and fresh platform for aspiring singer-songwriters in Malaysia.


Submission of videos was opened to public on the 23rd of April and the program received an overwhelming response with hundreds of videos submitted by aspiring singers.  The sieving through and selection of winners then began with the best Top 50 videos to the best Top 10 videos. These lucky best Top 10 then advanced to the Top 10 Live Showcase, where they were invited to perform two songs each live at Laundry Bar in the presence of judges (Liyana Fizi, An Honest Mistake, Reza Salleh, Pesawat, and The Azenders).

The Top 6 best performances are then chosen to contest each other to make it to the Top 3 finalists.

Last night, the Top 3 finalists gave it their all to snag the first ever YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off winner title. We have to say, that it was a close fight – each finalist brandished their unique strengths and it was hard, even for us, to pick just one out of the lot.

But without further ado, here are the Sing-Off winners:

  • Grand Prize: Epy & Ardiv (RM5,000 cash, RM1,000 Laundry vouchers, one AXL Badwater SRO guitar, and a chance to perform a “Live Concert” at Laundry in July)
  • 1st Runner-up: Brendan James de Cruz (RM3,000 cash, RM500 Laundry Vouchers)
  • 2nd Runner-up: Fabian (RM1,000 cash and RM250 Laundry vouchers)

When asked on the future plans for the competition, Darrin Lin (Chief Creative Officer of the Chaswood Resources Group of Restaurants) said, “Following the Sing-Off, YouTube To YouLive will be Laundry’s official online audition program and once a month, it will feature acts selected via the program to provide more opportunities to aspiring musicians.”

For more information, hit up Laundry Bar’s Facebook page.

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