Hold up, drop whatever you’re doing because today’s awesome-st piece of news just swung by. And in a not-so-quiet whisper, it said, Hani Farhana aka Hunny Madu is pregnant! Yay!

The expectact mom, who is known for her passion in music and her quirky character, wed her husband Khairul Azhar, in 2010 but it hasn’t stopped her from working super hard.


At only 28 years old, she has taken the reins for and mastered the arts of TV hosting (for Hitz.TV, 8TV Quickie, 8TV Nite Live), acting (in 8TV’s drama “5 Jingga”), singing, songwriting, as well as radio DJing. Her most recent and still is her current stint would be her Fly FM’s air waves’ dominance from 10am to 1pm on weekdays.

Do you tune in? That’s her you’re listening to!

She says that she plans to release more music this year and you know what though? Judging from the rate of her success, we don’t think this baby news is going to slow her down. Not likely.

Congratulations, Hunny! We’re extremely happy for you.

Love Hunny Madu? Follow her Twitter account for more timely updates on, well, her.

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