Alright. In all “last but not least” furor, we speak to just one more “YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off” finalist before the grand finale tonight! Just in case you missed out on the previous mentions, the competition for Malaysian YouTube sensations and aspiring singer-songwriters is coming to a glorious end at Laundry @ Italiannies, The Curve after two months of suspense.

Left with only three finalists to contest their amazing talents at tonight’s event, we quickly took Fabian aside for a little chat. Fabian, whose passion for music took on a life of its own upon receiving his first guitar a few years ago fessed his undying love for indie pop, folk music, and alternative rock. And thus, through his music, he takes his listeners on a journey through the ages:

[youtube id=”8ruR_j3qWgQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]


With his versatility on the pipes and his beats on the guitar, he serenades tunes of the 60s right up to the chart-topping hits of today. Let’s hear it now from this self-taught vocalist/guitarist who sets himself apart from the other because of his knack for recreating classic tunes by giving ’em his own acoustic twist!

Hi! Congratulations on making it into the YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off finalists. How are you feeling about it?

“To be very honest, I’m both excited and super nervous at the same time. Really glad I made it this far, never really thought about it before this.”

This must’ve taken a lot of courage. What were your main motivations behind taking part in the first ever YouTube To You Live Sing-Off?

“I saw Liyana Fizi posting about the competition on her Facebook page, and it was just about an hour or so before the closing period. I had and still only have one video on my YouTube page, and decided to just give it a try. What are the odds huh?”

Name some of the challenges that you’ve faced in your journey so far and how you overcame those challenges.

“Financial definitely. Being a performer where the scene is monopolized by seasoned performers playing old school covers, there is not much room and appreciation for new original music. It’s still new I feel, and not many people are open and exposed to it yet. Not easy to land a paid gig if you don’t play in a full band or play famous covers.”


Growing up, who were your musical inspirations and why? Are these the same inspirations that you’d someday want to perform/produce with?

“I grew up listening to a lot of Elvis, as my mom is an Elvis fan. Dad, on the other hand, was gravitating more towards bands like Deep Purple and Bad Company. I started playing the guitar when I was 14 and slowly I started listening to music by Eric Clapton plus a few guitar legends and slowly, I started enjoying stuff from solo singers/songwriters. My all-time favourites would be Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, and Ray Lamontagne. These guys sing from the soul. My greatest dream is to have just one chance to perform or work with these guys.”

So, if you win, what would you do (in your power) to change the local music industry?

“I would really love to see more singers/songwriters coming up. I wish to see openness in the industry. No discrimination of art in any form. Full band, solo, traditional. An equal importance given to performing art itself.”

Who will win? Join us, show your support, soak in the vibe at the YouTube to YouLive Sing-Off’s Finale Live Showcase at Laundry @ Italiannies, The Curve on the 28th of June (Thursday, that’s TONIGHT) at 8:30pm!

For more information, hit up Laundry’s Facebook page.

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