Yesterday, we interviewed one-third of the “YouTube to YouLive Sing-Off” finalists and while the excitement for the final stage continues to build, we though we’d throw in another exclusive interview. This time, featuring the blues-y Brendan James de Cruz.

The fast favourite YouTube sensation is as passionate as he is persistent, as described by his followers who have voted his way to the top! But according to Brendan, what matters most to him is nothing more than music. As a matter of fact, he once said, “As long as I am making music, I am happy”. And who better to describe him than the musician himself?:

[youtube id=”O17i0vR96hg” width=”600″ height=”350″]


So here’s us, and him, before he takes the stage this Thursday, 28th June 2012 at Laundry @ Italiannies, The Curve:

Hi! Congratulations on making it into the YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off finalists. How are you  feeling about it?

“Thank you! Well, I am extremely nervous about Thursday’s show as I have amazing competition, but at the same time, I am TOTALLY psyched about it!”

This must’ve taken a lot of courage. What were your main motivations behind taking part in the first ever YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off?

“Well, music, literally, is my life. And ever since I started singing and performing whenever I could, I just fell in love with it even more. There’s nothing better than the feeling that you are able to reach out and touch audiences with your music – nothing better.”

Name some of the challenges that you’ve faced in your journey so far and how you overcame those challenges.

“Biggest challenge so far would be none other than the competition I am up against. There are some amazing acts in this competition that have totally blown people away. All I try to do each round, is to make sure that I deliver my very best. The rest are the hands of the judges and of course, the audience.”


Growing up, who were your musical inspirations and why? Are these the same inspirations that you’d someday want to perform/produce with?

“On my 7th birthday, my dad had given me a video cassette of the ‘Elvis Presley 68’ Comeback Special Concert’. I was mind-blown. I still am with his music. My dad is more of a country music man, so I grew up listening to the likes of Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Garth Brooks and so on. But that did not stop me from going through the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears phases. Haha. But now I get inspiration from anything that is good. Be it from a melancholic artist or an angry metal band. And of course, I’d want to perform/produce with these inspirations! But, Elvis, I’ll have to wait till I meet him elsewhere.”

So, if you win, what would you do (in your power) to change the local music industry?

“This is an interesting question. A lot of us today tend to think that our local music industry is terrible, but actually, it really is not. It just lacks generality. Or more like, lacks some sort of unison. Our local music industry is, right now, in groups. You have your huge celebrities, your independent artistes, your corporate-function celebs, your bar/club singers..the list goes on. And you’ll be surprised, that nearly everyone is about the same when it comes to the music they produce. So, my wonderment is why is it only a handful is acknowledged for what they can do? My goal is to change that by bringing all forces together. Then you will see what our local music industry can REALLY do.”

Aww. How inspiring! Well, what say you? Like him? Vote him! Head on over to the YouTube to YouLive Sing-Off’s Finale Live Showcase at Laundry @ Italiannies, The Curve on the 28th of June (Thursday) at 8:30pm to show your support as Brendan performs alongside two other contenders.

For more information, hit up Laundry’s Facebook page.

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