For months now we’ve heard about her “hardcore training” in preparation of her new venture. In all honestly, we thought she was joking. But today, we learnt that the 31-year-old socialite was as serious as the day is long.

Over the weekend, Paris Hilton made her DJing career debut at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She made her grand entrance as a full-fledged disc jockey at the same festival that fellow celebrities Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo and Kelly Clarkson were also performing at.

The difference is, J.Lo and Kelly Clarkson can sing (read: real talent). While Paris:


[youtube id=”hJ2BZf0Y-6w” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Did we also mention that some jewels and crystals also went all out and worked overtime to make sure that “DJ Paris Hilton” “shone” throughout (at least half) the night?

She had on a jewel-embellished space-age basque with a pair of tights and dominatrix-style gloves. What? You expected any less from a potential future Hilton heiress?

Something tells us that the garish outfit was meant to distract the partygoers from her, uh, music. Also, we don’t know any other DJ who would feel the need to change ensembles during a set.

Oh wait, we do.


Prior to her debut last night, Paris has been keeping fans updated throughout the day, taking them on the nerve-wracking journey with her via Twitter. Okay, no. Nevermind updated.

How about a whole lot of nervous rambling?:

Guess we could give her a chance though, right?

So calm down, EDM fans. We’re pretty sure she worked hard for this so let’s let Paris Hilton have her shot at being a DJ. It can’t be that hard to press play and put on a good performance:


And of course we expected her to drop Avicii’s “Levels“. Because it’s an epic track:

[youtube id=”Kv-EnsyI5ns” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Sheesh. Nevermind.

Thanks, DJ Afrojack.

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