We specifically remember her just saying that she was single in March. Hang on, scratch that. Not just saying.

She practically stressed, “I’m all alone. There has been no man in my life for several months now and although it would be nice to have a boyfriend, I can’t just settle for anybody. The fact is I’m choosy, ut mainly about a man’s character. He has to be interesting, funny, and clever. I don’t mind if he’s not very good looking,”


So imagine our shock when all was revealed just a few days ago, that 29-year-old model Agyness Deyn is suddenly married!

The question is, to whom? To none other than actor Giovanni Ribisi, who is known for his roles in “Lost in Translation”, “Perfect Stranger”, “Avatar”, as well as a recurring role as Phoebe’s (played by Lisa Kudrow) brother on the hit TV sitcom, “Friends”.

Interesting, considering the fact that 37-year-old Giovanni only recently split from long-term girlfriend Chan Marshall, whom he was dating since 2009.

The next question is, were they even dating? It seems that the pair has managed to keep their relationship almost completely off the radar for the longest time. Ah, but we all know how it’s hard to keep secrets when you’re in the industry. In fact, the couple were spotted at the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office passionately kissing while they were in line, waiting to sign their souls away make their union official.

What better way to get spotted, right?


The news and the quiet wedding came as a surprise to many because nobody knew that they were even dating! Well played, Giovanni and Agyness, well played.

So, when and where is the honeymoon?

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