Janice and Sonia Lee aka “Jayesslee” posted their first video in YouTube back in 2008 where the concept of connecting with unseen audience all over the world from their bedroom in Sydney, Australia fascinated them.

In 2009, their own rendition of Tamia’s “Officially Missing You” catapulted them to fame and since 2010, the gorgeous twins have been traveling across the globe to do live concerts in Los Angeles, Singapore, Canada, as well as Malaysia. Well, you can’t expect any less from the current #2 all-time most subscribed to Australian YouTube musicians now, can you?

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On the 23rd June 2012 (Saturday), the gorgeous YouTube twin sensation returned once again swept their screaming fans off their feet at the “Jayesslee Live in Kuala Lumpur” concert. The show was part of their Asia Pacific Tour 2012, with Malaysia being the sixth stop.


Right before the show, Janice and Sonia were ushered into a press conference with a few members of the press and media and, we were there! Oh, yes, how often do you get to ask questions (everything and anything your heart desires!) without having to join the bursting comments queue on their YouTube channel, right?

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Hi Janice, hi Sonia! In such a short time, you’ve both achieved so much and have performed with so many YouTube musicians like yourselves. Is there anyone that you have not yet performed or collaborated with but would like to someday?

“Um (Sonia turns to face Janice and whispers). Sorry! Twin discussion (giggles). We’d have to say, Ryan Tedder from One Republic. We think he’s amazing! We covered one of their songs recently. Also, there’s this other pair of twins on YouTube – they’re guys. They’re so, so talented and it’d be so cool to just get together with them to do like, a mirror image jam sorta thing.”

So, you’re both working on your mini album, we hear. How is that coming along?

“Seriously, if you asked us five years ago if we’d be someday recording in a studio – it’s different. For the longest time we’ve always been recording in our rooms..or our bathroom. And suddenly we’re in a studio. We can’t say exactly when our mini album will be out yet but what we can say is that it’ll be released digitally on iTunes. Soon!”

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Who’s the one person that you’d really, really like to thank for supporting you all the way?

“That’s..a difficult question. But we guess it has to be our dad. In the beginning, when we first started uploading videos on YouTube you know of us just singing and Sonia playing the guitar, our dad was like..he disapproved it. But when ‘Officially Missing You’ hit a million views he was like (nods). And since then he has been supporting us and we’re really grateful to have that in our lives.”



They really are as sugary sweet as we expected them to be! And we hope that these beautiful talents will continue to be a huge inspiration to not only Australian YouTubers, and not only Asian YouTubers, but also to aspiring singer-songwriters and fans around the world.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

For more pictures from Jayesslee live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012, click!

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