You may argue that gelato is now a thing of the past and if so, then you’ve obviously never tried Gelato Fruity. Situated at the most apt places (random pop up stores and “outlets” all selected malls), this Italian ice cream giant promises to sell only daily made fresh fruity products.

As a matter of fact, the company only uses premium grade ingredients to make gelato in small batches to ensure that the quality of their yummylicious gelato is standardized throughout all their outlets.


(Psst. They have eight Gelato Fruity outlets to date!)

And how else would we know if they are just as good as they say if we didn’t try it for ourselves? Right?

Our team rocked up to a Gelato Fruity outlet at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur just a few days ago and we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of flavours to choose from! We’re talking, more than 30 different flavours from fruits to chocolates, to nuts and even cookies.  Talk about spoilt for choice on a super hot day.

Between the milk based (gelato) and water based (sorbet) choices, we ended up with single scoops of “Rum and Raisin” and “Soursop”. One of each so that’s fair, right? Oh, also, we opted out of the toppings because seeing that it was our first time, we wanted to really get into the flavours.

Our take? The first one, the “Rum and Raisin” gelato tasted like heaven on our tongues minus the overpowering creamy after taste. You know, the awful taste of too much cream and milk? Yes, that. It certainly didn’t have that. As for the “Soursop” sorbet, we could’ve very well been eating the fruit if we didn’t know any better. Yum!


The verdict? For RM6.90 a pop (100g plus free topping if you want!) we say the experience was totally worth it and more.  Think about it. That’s pretty cheap flavourful ice cream euphoria right there!

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