Drama unfolds in EDM land as a couple of (perhaps your favourite) DJs and producers have had their supposedly confidential contacts and riders leaked. What are riders? Usually a list of things added to a bill or something that has already been said or agreed on. In simpler terms, requests.

Some go for pure technical things in their riders such as David Guetta. Although we had difficulties omprehending “Ibiza girls” and “lollipops” as “technical”. And where would one find a “2 meter big heart”, really?


Others request for things to eat and drink backstage, which is totally understandable. They need to feed, right? But it seems that many of these EDM performers stretch their requests (read: demands) in their lists. One such person would be Steve Aoki.

On top of his reasonable requests for towels, organic fruit, grass fed meat, non-refined sugars, non-bleached flours and such, he also tends to ask for American Apparel or H&M black v-neck T-shirts and get this..six pairs of men’s underwear.

That’s right. Underwear. And briefs please, not boxers.

Did we also mention that “soft cake, soft icing, nothing dense or bundt” is part of his riders? Tsk. Oh, and he has since posted his rebuttal on his blog. So check out what Steve had to say about his rider.

Other DJs who have, most unfortunately, had their highly confidential riders leaked are such as Calvin Harris (a bunch of bananas), Paul van Dyk (selection of fresh fruit such as apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, pineapples, mangoes), deadmau5 (1 large inflatable animal, inflated and at least 5’ tall), and Afrojack (preferably a Bugatti Veyron for mode of transporation).

And the DJ with the least amount of “requests” (also the least ridiculous ones), is none other than:



Surprised? Go here to read/snoop more.

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