In the past year, one Malaysian singer-songwriter darling has not only traveled oh, only about a million miles across the globe and back, she has also achieved milestones after milestones in her singing career.

She has met hip hop star and entrepreneur extraordinaire Pharrell Williams, was signed onto FADER label, released her digital EP Decorate in March 2011 internationally, performed and mesmerized the audience on Conan, achieved regional success from her “Sparkle” video with Samsung Malaysia, and..should we go on? The list continues to grow as we speak and even Russell Simmons himself said, “Yuna is an amazing new singer! Her music is incredible!”.


By the way, Yuna is only 25-years-old. And now, just a few months after releasing her self-titled album, she performs for United States’ Billboard. They call her the “up and coming indie singer” but since she’s born and bred in Malaysia, she has been a star in our eyes for forever years.

Why is she such a star? Just listen to her warm and soothing vocals as she performs her acoustic rendition of Incubus’ 1999 song, “I Miss You” on Billboard’s “Candid Covers”:

[youtube id=”0RWFlfSiiKc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Gasp! Well, if you thought that no female can cover Incubus’ songs, think again. So beautiful, so delicate. And if you haven’t bought or heard her self-titled album just yet, click! It’s no wonder that the world is so quickly falling in love with the songstress.

Malaysia misses you, Yuna!

For more information, visit her official website.

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