On the 13th of June, a tourist was found dead at Singapore’s five-star hotel, Marina Bay Sands (MBS). He was believed to have fallen from the Marina Bay Sands’ 57-storeys high SkyPark. His body was found on a grass verge next to the East Coast Expressway (ECP).

The Singaporean police received a call for assistance at around 3pm that Tuesday afternoon but the paramedics pronounced the man dead upon arrival at the scene. According to the Singapore Chinese daily, MBS employees were quick to barricade the area with a black screen to prevent onlookers from probing and security officers were also deployed to prevent unauthorized access.

Further investigations confirmed that deceased was not staying at the hotel, but a guest from a nearby hotel.


That first incident changed the reputation of MBS’ SkyPark forever. But it didn’t stop there.

Just this morning, Channels NewsAsia reported that yet another death has occurred at the luxurious hotel. A body was found outside the lobby of the MBS, in front of its Rise Restaurant.

Singaporean police was believed to have received a call at about 9pm yesterday evening (20th June 2012). Officers and MBS staff was seen crowding around a fountain located outside the restaurant of the integrated resort. No further details have been given yet as both the Police and Singapore Civil Defence Force are still working on it.

Update: Channel NewsAsia have confirmed that the Singaporean police have identified the body as a 32-year-old Indonesian man, believed to be a guest of the hotel. The man had fallen from as high as the 52nd floor and it was understoof that his body parts were found scattered.

If both victims died from falls, it then raises the question about the safety of MBS’ SkyPark. As it is, the outer perimeter of the SkyPark was built fully reinforced to prevent visitors from falling – it is surrounded by 2-metre-high screens and steel ropes. But is that enough?

Should something be done about MBS’ SkyPark before more unfortunate incidents such as these are reported? Will greater measures and precautions be taken to prevent hotel guests and visitors from falling to their deaths?


We’ll just have to wait and see.

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